Queensland Australia

Springbrook N P Qld Juvenile White Tipped Reef Shark GBRBird Sanctuary Michaelmas Cay  World Heritage Tropical Rainforest Canopy.jpgBoobys on Michaelmas Cay  Green Turtle Great Barrier Reef Longreach Sunset Longreach Before the Drought  Road Train On The Capricorn Highway, Longreach Fraser Island Mangrove Tree In The SeaLongways Cattle Station Santa  Gertrudis   Barky Pub Barcaldine in Central Queensland Coolibah Tree Thompson River  LongreachSugar Cane Flowers Near Daintree FNQKuranda Train Green Ants Nest Fraser IslandLongreach Sunrise PortraitStatue Stockmans Hall of Fame  LongreachOld Jetty Fraser IslandStinging Tree Leaves


Queensland is one of the most diverse of Australian states.  From the tropics in the North and its off shore Torres Strait Islands, ( closer to New Guinea than to other Australian capital cities) to cattle station country in the interior , outback towns like Birdsville and the Eastern Coast with its islands and Great Barrier Reef.

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