WA The Pilbarra

Iron Ore Train in The PilbarraFortescue Falls Karigini The Pilbarra WA Karijini Clouds Over The Pilbarra Dales Gorge Karijini in The Pilbarra  Joffre Gorge Karijini National Park Fern Pool Karijini National Park Termite Mound in Karijini National Park Junction at Oxers Gorge Karijini Karijini GorgesSunlit Tree in Karijini National ParkDales Gorge Karijini Snappy Gums Karijini Pilbarra Karijini Termite Mounds Outback Wheels The PilbarraKarijini National Park Termite Mounds Oxers Lizard  Karijini National ParkKarijini National Park View Spinifex Pigeons  Dales Gorge Karijini


Most of these images are taken in the spectacular Karijini National Park in The Pilbarra – one of the most beautiful and ancient landscapes on earth.