Street Alms  Luang Prabang  LaosTurning The Prayer Wheels, MongoliaEvening Prayer at Namoo River LaosBuddhist Prayer Wheels MongoliaBuddha Statue at Meditation Mountain CambodiaMan Mo Temple Prayer Hong Kong Buddhist Monk at Sihanoukville Golden Statue at Temple of Dawn Bangkok Small Buddhist Prayer Wheels at Mt Phousi LaosAncient Artwork on The Temple of Dawn BangkokMonks at The  Temple of Dawn Bangkok Monks WalkingIncense Prayers  Bangkok Wat Vissoun Window LaosBuddhist Nun CambodiaStupas at The Temple of Dawn in BangkokTemple Candles  MongoliaCollecting Alms Luang Prabang  LaosWat Vissoun  Laos Sunshade Monks Temple Prayer Wheel Mongolia



Religion is a powerful force in a lot of societies. It features in wars, politics, education and in peace making,

Buddhism has existed for about 3000 years. Originating  in India, Buddhism has spread around most of Asia in various forms.