Sweeping Sand Dunes at SoussevleiDunes at SoussevleiNamibian Desert Horses at Garub Pan  AusFish River Canyon  Second Largest in the WorldNamibian Vlei an Open Space in the Desert  Soussevlei Sand Dunes in the Early Morning Light. BlackTownship on Outskirts of  Windhoek The Edge of Namib DesertFish River Canyon CircleTypical Street in The Town of LudderitzHerero LadyLuderitz Atlantic CoastStatues in the Town of  Swarkopmund Quiver Trees Kokerboom. Windhoek Township Girl With Bread Swarkopmund is a delightful, interesting town in Namibia. Dog Sign  Soussevlei Early Morning  Wedding Dance in a TownshipTypical Street in Luderitz  Watertap in one of the TownshipRelationship Wrestle Outside a Township ShebeenShantyTown on Outskirts of WindhoekBlack Holes in Sand Dunes at Soussevlei White Windhoek Swarkopmund Dunes