Welcome Donkey ZakynthosLake Ioannina Greece  Zakynthos Town Zakynthos Harbour Typical View of Greek Roof Tops Inside St Dionysis Zakyinthos GreeceAli Pasa Mosque Ioannina Greece  Lamp on a Roof on Zakynthos Zakynthos Donkey Skiathos Door Dodoni Roman Ruins Greece  Portrait View of Ali Pasa Mosque Ioannina Greece Pumpkins Ioannina Island Greece  Window Ioannina  Greece  Typical Doorway with Plants in Pots Skiathos
 Greece – one of the most friendly, charming countries in Europe, with a culture and cuisine all its own.  Images on this page show mainly snippets of the Ionian island of Zakynthos and the charms of Ioannina (near the Albanian border).