Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire

GodafossBolungarvik  Westfjord Peninsular Namafjall  Hverir Mud Pots Reykjavik Harbour  Isafjordur is the largest town on Westfjord Peninsular   Eskifjordur Harbour Iceland    Dimmuborgir - Lava Fields Icelandic Pony  Grimsey   Namafjall  Hverir Thermal Activity  Namafjall  Hverir Steam   Akureyri Characters  Namafjall  Hverir Mud Pots Akureyri  Main Street   Nesting Birds  Grimsey  Grimsey Harbour Iceland  Modern Reykjavik  Reykjavik Harbour  Strokkur Geyser Iceland   Gullfoss or Golden Waterfall   Isafijordur Town  NW Peninsuar Fish Drying Flateyri Isafjordur  Seltun Thermal Area Rekanes Peninsular Blue Lagoon on Reykanes Peninsular  Seltun Thermal Area  Reykanes Peninsular Reykjavik Residents   Reykanes Peninsular Iceland Bolungaruk Westfjord Peninsular in NW IcelandEskifjordur  in Eastern IcelandGodafoss Waterfall
Iceland, is now a very popular tourist destination.  However, with such a tiny population and so much wilderness, it doesn’t ever feel crowded. It is nice to be able to wander around without coming across bus loads of visitors as you would in other European countries in the middle of summer. Iceland hosts spectacular waterfalls, vast lava fields, the oldest parliament, tiny fishing villages, icy glaciers, spectacular geothermal fields and active volcanoes.  A boat ride away or a rather bumpy, short, flight and you can be standing on the actual Arctic Circle on the island of Grimsey.