Kapellbrucke  LucerneLucerne Old Town at DuskJungfraujoc Swiss AlpsJesuitenkirsch Luzerne On River Reuss  Swiss Countryside in Wengen Area Red Geranium Window Box Train Station at GrundOld Zurich SignRiver Limmat and Fraumunster in ZurichReuss River at Dusk LucerneSleeping Lioness Monument for Swiss Guards  LucerneSunset on Jesuitenkirchby the River Reuss LuzernSwiss Village Lauterbrunnen


Switzerland as a neutral county in the Second World War escaped much of the damage inflicted on the old buildings in Europe.  Both Zurich and Lucerne have charming old towns with cobbled streets and ancient buildings.   Home also to the Snowy Alps, Switzerland is a land of contrasts, great chocolate, and polite, friendly people.