Girl on an OxView over Wat HanchleyKampong Kleang Boat TransportAngkor Ban SilhouetteSnake girl at Phnom Krom Phnom Penh Family Outing Snake Boy at Phnom Krom Statues at Wat Nokor Nun at Meditation Mountain Cambodia  Phnom Penh Palace Stupa Phnom Pehn Royal Palace Ta ProhmTa Promh Kids Temple Complex Angkor Wat Temple Cow Village Washing Temple of SkullsTonle Sap Lake Dwelling Trees at Ancient Bayon Buddha Statue at Meditation Mountain Poverty in Sihanoukville Cambodia Aun Lung Oak ChannelAngkor Ban Child PortraitSihanoukville Village Children Angkor Ban CommunityAngkor Ban FoalAngkor Thom Faces In StoneAngkor Thom WindowAngkor Wat at DawnAnt BitesCambodian Children at Play  Fish Feet Cleaning
Cambodia is  a country emerging from a recent history of  violence, guilt and a shattering cultural annihilation. However, its strength is the resilience and determination of its people, its irrepressible spiritualism,  the warmth and optimism shown to strangers and a pride in its ancient glory.