Norfolk Island

Emily Bay and Glass Bottomed Boat Cows and SycamoresBetween the Pines of an Old Penal ColonyBurnt PineTownship  Norfolk Island Cows From Commissariat DoorwayEmily Bay Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island Golf Course Old  Kingston Norfolk IslandQuality Row Norfolk Island View of Kingston Norfolk Island Boatmen Transporting Goods  Emily Bay Salt House Boat Launching At Cascade Bounty Day CelebrationsCemetery BayThe Commissariat St Barnabas ChurchEmily Bay Government House Historic Kingston Kingston Cottage Kingston Waterfront Landscape Of The Rocky Coastline Norfolk Island Lighter At Old Kingston Lone Pine Norfolk Cows Grazing Old Convict Hospital Ruins on  Norfolk Island  Old Headstone In The Historic Convict Cemetery Historic Kingston Old Lighter At Kingston Old Stables From The Second Military SettlementOn The Wharf  Bounty Day Celebrations Phillip Island Portrait Of A Lighter At Kingson Rocky Coastline Norfolk Island Slaughter Bay
A tiny, lone, island in the Pacific Ocean, Norfolk has a brutal history as a violent penal colony.  Today it is home to about 1200 permanent residents, many of whom are descendants of the ‘Bounty’ mutineers.  It offers spectacular scenery, a relaxed community lifestyle, amazing history and friendly locals.