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Images taken in a few hours, in the capital of Sumatra, the city of Medan.


17,000 Islands make up the Indonesian Archipeligo. I have sub categories for Bali, The Seaweed Islands, Flores & Sumatra. Each island has it’s own culture and customs making Indonesia one of the most interesting countries to visit.

Crater Lakes  Kelimutu  FloresSeaweed Harvesting at Dusk  -Seaweed IslandsOffering on Sanur Beach  BaliKomodo Dragon Rinca Island Rubbish Pickers on Outskirts of Medan, Sumatra

Australia’s Women (Trees)

The Australian ‘Bush’ is an amazing place with over 600 species of eucalypts (gum trees).  Whether it’s Snow Gums  with their feet in snow and ice or delicate Ghost Gums in arid landscapes or the Red River Gums in ancient river beds – they are wonderful trees. With some imagination you can see many things in the magnificence of these trees – here are 3 examples titled ‘Women of Australia’.


Woman Tree WMWoman Tree Torso WM Bottom Tree WM

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Nature’s Artists – NZ


The glacial area of Mount Cook on the West Coast of NZ has permanent snow and ice.

Just back from New Zealand where I am conBraided River Waimakiriri GSChasm Rock Sculpture GSstantly in awe of the art works sculptured by the country’s powerful, glacial fed river systems of the South Island.  The power of nature results in art works which are both inspiring and humbling in their beauty.  I have shared a few examples, taken only a few weeks ago    NZ Braided RIver System GS


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Bagan Myanmar

A new page on Bagan has just been loaded under the ‘Asia’ album, more images will be loaded from Yangon & Mandalay. Myanmar is one of the most fascinating countChild Monk At Ananda Temple in Baganries in Asia.  Tourism is growing fast  but as yet, still much of untouched country to explore.

Bagan was the old capital of the Burmese Empire. It is famous for its temples, several dating back to the eighth century.  Originally Bagan had over 10,000 temples and pagodas, now there are still 2000 in existence making an incredible landscape.  These ancient temples dot the landscape as do the shining, golden pagodas of more recent additions.

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Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland is an intriguing country and fast becoming one of the  most popular places on wish lists in Europe.  I have just added a new page – Iceland – Land of Ice, water and Fire. Not a very original title I know, but everywhere you go there is evidence of geothermal and volcanic activity on an island surrounded by a rugged coastline and hosting magnificent waterfalls.  The images can be viewed under Albums – Europe – IcelandThermal Activity at Hverir  Iceland

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